108 is a holy number and has especially in far eastern religions great importance. In Buddhism there are exactly 108 books comprising the doctrine.

The prayer beads (mala) in Buddhism and Hinduism have exactly 108 beads. In Hinduism each of these represents the name of a god. In the vedic culture mantras are repeated 108 times.

You can find the 108 in a lot of different areas:

  • in Japan at new year bells are pulled exactly 108 times in order to free the body of the 108 evils
  • in Homers "Odyssey" Odysseus needs to fight 108 guys as he returns to his wife Penelope,
  • -0-8 is the emergency number in India,
  • in Wing Tsun each of the three forms and the training with the tree traditionally consists of 108 movements,
  • a baseball in the American League is stitched with exactly 108 stitches,
  • in the TV serial "Lost" a person needs to enter a number combination every 108 minutes in a computer in order to prevent a disaster,
  • 08 times the diameter of the sun equals the distance between the sun and planet earth.

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